“Ip Man Wing Chun India Association” – (IWCIA) is dedicated to propagate traditional Ip Man – Cheung King Kong Wing Chun Kuen. IWCIA is a National level organization having its branches and members throughout India.

IWCIA promotes Wing Chun for self defense, discipline and fitness to public through well trained and qualified instructors. It also strives towards preserving the culture and history of the legendary art “Wing Chun”.

IWCIA organizes periodical Wing Chun training camps across India thereby creating an opportunity for its members and students to upgrade their theoretical, philosophy and practical knowledge in Wing Chun. Organization hosts open training camps giving a chance for other Martial Arts schools and enthusiast to exchange their knowledge.

IWCIA hosts district, state, inter state and National level Wing Chun Competitions to encourage all its members, non members, fellow martial arts enthusiast and Schools  to maintain the spirit of Wing Chun, development of character, good health and good citizenship.

IWCIA conducts periodical / occasional / on demand Women’s Self Defense training programs empowering Women to prevent and respond to crime against them and survive violent assault.

IWCIA trains and certifies eligible Wing Chun Practitioners as Judges for the Wing Chun competitions hosted and recognized by IWCIA.

IWCIA hosts Championship trials to select candidates to represent INDIA in international Wing Chun competitions thereby making our Mother India proud.

IWCIA organizes international Wing Chun training programs to upgrade and exchange skill and knowledge of eligible and willing Wing Chun enthusiasts.

+++++++++ SELF DEFENSE +++++++++ DISCIPLINE +++++++++ FITNESS +++++++++