Is there an age barrier for Wing Chun?

Age is never a barrier for Wing Chun. As early as 5 years and as old as 70 years and above would be the right time to start.

Wing Chun is suitable for physically handicapped?

A wheelchair can never stop your Wing Chun. Disability is never inability. If you are desperate to make a difference Wing Chun is here to help you.

How good is Wing Chun for Women?

Survivals is the key when it comes to situations for Women. Wing Chun develops strength and ability for survival. 

Wing Chun for Children?

Maintains children healthy, improves focus and inculcates self discipline.

How does Wing Chun help elders?

Wing Chun neither demand qualities of a youth nor  involves extreme flexibility or dynamic exercises. Its simple and effective.

Does Wing Chun help in street fights?

Wing Chun will be one of the best answers for a street fight as its principles are built up on "Economy of Motion, Forward energy, Block & Strike ( at the same time), No Fancy moves, Continuous striking, ect.,".